Email Management Testimonials

"I have been using the system from the moment the training finished. I now routinely leave the office with a maximum of 2 emails in my inbox (and often with an empty inbox). I have implemented the task arrangement and am finding (at the moment) that it is giving me much more time to get other things done. The ability to move tasks on a few days or weeks knowing they wont get buried has freed my mind to get on with other things.

Otto Henfling, Executive Director, CatholicCare Social Services

I had been using my email system to organise my work day for almost a year but I knew that I was not using it to itís full potential. After attending a session with E-fficient Email Management Training, I am now aware of different tools in my email system and know how to use them. Since this session my work days and weeks have become easier to manage. I used to spend a large amount of time at the beginning of the week preparing everything and deciding what needs to be done urgently and what can wait. Now I know how to have it organised as the work comes in saving me a lot of valuable time. When something suddenly comes up in my week, I know that I am able to easily rearrange the work I have to do without missing any of the vitally important tasks.

Heidi Cridland, Marketing Assistant

"The training I received was very beneficial in helping me to use outlook to serve me in my work. Even 8 months on, I am still using some time management strategies taught to me during this training!

Amy Stubbs, Senior Family Worker

In my occupation and being a leader within a rather large organisation I was finding it increasingly difficult to juggle all the demands on my time and trying to keep track of appointments and tasks that were demanded of me. Due to financial constraints I couldnít fob this off to a pa to do on my behalf so the skills learnt in these seminars which taught me how to utilise tools that were already in my grasp was invaluable. Organising my emails, tasks and appointments certainly brings higher efficiency and more importantly, peace of mind.

Andrew Mann, Senior Pastor

Thanks heaps it was a great course and very helpful.

Michelle Sinha, Quality Coordinator, CatholicCare Social Services