Module 4

Email Management in Microsoft Outlook

The focus

  • Achieving the Bliss of an Empty Inbox
  • Creating and Using the MYN Processed Mail folder
  • Filing E-mail by Tagging with Outlook Categories
  • The importance of Converting E-mails to Tasks, revisited
  • The MYN E-mail Workflow: Gaining E-mail Control
  • Be Team Savvy: Writing Better E-mails

Time Management and Other Time Savers

Hands-on Exercises

  • Putting it all together: The Book - Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook
Time Wasters

Inefficient use of critical tools like Outlook can be a major time waster for staff. Most Outlook users have only basic training.

Time Savers
Efficient use of Outlook and its tasks management tools can save time, reduce workday stress and bring back a sense of control to overloaded Inboxes.