Module 3

A New Way to Manage your Workday using the MYN Outlook System

The focus

  • Working your First priorities: MYN Critical-Now Tasks and how to manage them
  • Working your Second priorities: Using MYN Target-Now tasks in Outlook
  • Working your Third priorities: Using MYN Opportunity-Now Tasks in Outlook
  • Using Next Actions to Manage Work and knock-loose stuck Tasks

The solution: Control Work Overload by Scheduling Strategic Deferrals

  • MYN Defer-to-Do Tasks
  • MYN Defer-to-Review Tasks: Amazingly Powerful
Time Wasters

Inefficient use of critical tools like Outlook can be a major time waster for staff. Most Outlook users have only basic training.

Time Savers
Efficient use of Outlook and its tasks management tools can save time, reduce workday stress and bring back a sense of control to overloaded Inboxes.