Module 2

Introducing Linenberger’s Manage-Your-Now! (MYN) Outlook System

The focus

  • Identifying Your Four Urgency Zones
  • How to track and manage tasks inside your Urgency Zones using Outlook

The solution: Use the MYN Outlook System

Using the MYN Outlook System to Get Control of Your Workday

  • Using the FRESH-Prioritization approach
  • The Importance of using Start Dates
  • Managing Deadlines Correctly
  • Converting E-mails to Tasks: the Key to Inbox Control
  • Using Follow-Up Tasks to Stay on Top of Loose Ends
Time Wasters

Inefficient use of critical tools like Outlook can be a major time waster for staff. Most Outlook users have only basic training.

Time Savers
Efficient use of Outlook and its tasks management tools can save time, reduce workday stress and bring back a sense of control to overloaded Inboxes.