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About E-fficient Training

Our company was established to meet the daily challenges people face in juggling their  emails and workloads. E-fficient Email management Training was birthed out of years of personal experience striving to find strategies that helped us escape from ‘drowning’ in email overload!

Yes we did find solutions that really worked so now we help others experience the satisfaction that arises from efficient management of their emails and tasks in Microsoft Outlook. There is hope!

We found that most people, like ourselves, never had any formal training in how to use Outlook efficiently or how to most efficiently manage their daily torrent of emails and tasks. Some people end up drowning with overloaded Inboxes or they develop strategies that work for a while until a busier period of work sends them into a downward spiral of unanswered mail and unattended tasks. At least that was our experience at times in the past.

We know this approach works because we road-tested it ourselves for several years in a very busy business environment with hundreds of emails each week, and dozens of daily tasks arising from those emails.

Our training material is sourced entirely from Michael Linenberger, who is the Author of the #1 Bestselling Book on E-mail Control, Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook. Now in its 2013 4th Edition, it has been the #1 bestselling book on Outlook for over 5 years.

We chose this material as the basis for our training because we know it worked for us and we know it works for others. Why re-invent the wheel when you have a system that really works! Michael has done a great job already in developing a thoroughly tested system for success.

John Garrett
E-fficient Email Management Training

Meet our team

E-fficient has a tea, of experinced Email Management Training presenters and each one has personally experienced the profound benefits, order, peace and increasing productivity arising from using this sysetm.

John Garrett
With a strong background in corporate training, tertiary education, and 13 years as a business leader, John is well equipped to train on email management. The principles of E-fficient Training have been invaluable to productivity.


Ingrid Gattari
Ingrid has broad experience and has worked in the fields of education, media and public relations, adult training and not-for-profit. As a gifted communicator Ingrid has experienced first-hand the powerful benefits of this E-fficient training.

James Parnwell
James is an experienced communicator, business leader and trainer who has spent years using the principles of the E-fficient Training in business. He trains from the perspective of someone who really knows how well this works.


Emma Fox
Emma is multi-skilled in her roles within the E-fficient team and manages a range of administrative functions. Emma also uses this Email Management Training system to manage her daily tasks and workload efficiently.

I have taken many, many classes on various time management, but truly without sounding sappy, yours has been the first that I have been able to apply to my work.  What I find interesting is that it’s the same amount of work that comes in, but I don’t feel overwhelmed and anxious about any of it. I am also happy to share with you that I have gone from approximately 2200 Inbox mail items to 31.
Marcy Jack, recent course participant